Jon Botn Jørgensen

Adm. Dir - Din Bemannings Partner
Co-founder - AquacultureTalent



Jon comes with 24 years of extensive professional background in the recruitment and staffing industry.
Today owner of several companies among them Din BemanningsPartner AS.
Din BemanningsPartner is providing staffing solutions with a distinctive high technical expertise, particularly in the food and aquaculture industry, with certified recruiting personnel for ensuring professional processes for our clients.

Specialization in recent years established a portfolio of strong brands like DB Partner, OptikkPartner and Co-founding AquacultureTalent.

I am passionate about helping people individually and backing talented people as well as having a business impact at scale, by using data-driven and social recruiting strategies and products. I think it is important to invest in people rather than just products or businesses as I’m a great believer that it is people who create a successful business through their passion and purpose.