Cristian L. Popa Aved

CEO/ Co - founder AquacultureTalent
CEO - WeAreAquaculture



Providing the Aquaculture Industry with great talent, recruitment and insight solutions.
An experienced and strategic CEO with over 10 years’ experience, demonstrated history of working in the aquaculture and seafood recruitment industry, headhunting and recruiting top aquaculture and seafood professionals.

Successful and proven business leader and entrepreneur with solid experience in strategic and operational management at a senior level. Have played a key part in assessing business performance, facilitated change management and overseen restructures, managing all back-office support functions.

Cristian has delivered new concepts like AquacultureTalent that have transformed the industry and guided and managed start-up to a global business with presence in Norway, US, France, Spain. With a focus on talent management, structural alignment, portfolio optimization and innovation, Cristian provides strong and effective leadership, delivering growth and motivating teams to peak performance.
With over 18 years of experience in Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Aquaculture and Marketing, Cristian career focus in the last decade has been turning opportunities and ideas from Recruitment and Aquaculture into new businesses.

The convergence between technology, HR and culture is something that he is truly passionate about. Technology because of the positive impact it can have on people’s lives. HR because he believes that every single person in a company makes a difference. And Culture because he believes that is what separates average companies from the extraordinary ones. Developing and growing AquacultureTalent, We Are Aquaculture, he got to implement work with all three in a growing aquaculture and seafood industry where he is specialized in.